The Signature Ghana

By Afua Rida

Once in a while I get the chance to attend events, and even rarely do I get to attend them in the most breathtaking spaces. I took a trip to Prampram located about an hours drive outside of Accra to the Signature, the most beautiful 10 acre beachfront venue for corporate and private events. I was to attend a wedding that day but showed up a little early to explore the place.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love water. Signature’s beach space was the first section I visited. It was truly such a joy! It was clean, had a rocky section and an amazing view. The sand was scattered with the smoothest stones and pebbles you just wanted to pick up and take home. I could just imagine having an event that would overlook this magnificent view.

Next, I decided to walk around the mainland visiting the many sections of their lush garden. It is very green with a wide variety of trees blending yet neatly lined up. The atmosphere was generally serene and very private. You could really forget about your chaotic real life on the Signature grounds. The perfect get away for your private event!

At 3pm it was time for the wedding to begin. The ceremony happened on the lawn behind their pool. The beach was behind the guests, a live orchestra beside the guests and the lush garden all around them. The set up was absolutely beautiful yet simple. With the Signature Resort, you have the option to plan your decor with them. No need to bring in an event planner. For this wedding the resort created the alter shelter and decorated it with cream fabric and roses. Green vines roped around the wooden structure and met the roses at the joints. The same cream fabric protected the aisle and swagged between rose bouquets.

After the ceremony, the reception started swiftly. Drinks and food were served all provided by the resort. The wedding was small, intimate and sweet, The setting and atmosphere was perfect. The entire wedding was coordinated by The Signature team!

The Signature resort also provide their space for other events such as parties, group brunch, corporate meetings and retreats. For more details contact them on +233 548544321 or or

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